The ASPC is a non-profit membership-based association dedicated to educating health care professionals and patients about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the prevention of cardiovascular disease, advocate for the preservation of cardiovascular health, and disseminate high-quality, evidence-based information through the education of healthcare clinicians and their patients.

Our mission would not be possible without our Corporate Partners

Pre-Congress Course!
Hot Topics in Preventive Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine
 Implications for Patient Counseling and Management

August 1, 2024 | Salt Lake City, UT

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Clinical Practice Statements
Bite-sized publications published by the ASPC dissecting some of the most prevalent topics in CVD prevention. Each publication is meant to be read over coffee and put into practice by lunch!

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How to Become a
Fellow of the ASPC
FASPC is recognition reserved for ASPC members who have demonstrated their commitment to CVD prevention and the ASPC. The Fellow program gives our members a new way to show their commitment.

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