2017 ASPC Congress on CVD Prevention

The ASPC Congress is quickly approaching and we are a week away. Currently, we are monitoring Hurricane Irma very closely and are in communication with the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. The projected track indicates the storm will be past Florida in time for the Congress to proceed as normal.

At this time, the Congress will proceed as normal and ASPC is not accepting cancellations. If something changes in the track or timeline, we will send communication out to all registered attendees immediately.  We appreciate your patience as we monitor and track Irma.

If you have questions please contact the ASPC office at 904-309-6235.


I will not be attending the preconf this thursday and friday in Fort lauderdale. I cannot get any answers to my questions about the status of the hotel. etc. I have tried to c ontact them and the office of ASPC several times and cannot get through. I also cannot get the 800 # for the westin to answer my questions. I have not recevied any emails etc about the status of the conf. Frankly I am quite surprised that it has not been cancelled. In  light of the issues surrounding south Fla and the clean up that has to happen,  I would think this would be the prudent thing to do. 

So therefore,  I don't think it is in my best interest to attend. I would like a refund for my conference fee. Please contact or call me about this. I had to make  a decision about this before tomorrow, which included cancelling my flight and could not wait  any longer for  your decision about cancelling the conference. 

Thank you 

Michele Jarbeau PAC