ASPC at 2017 AHA Scientific Sessions

ASPC at AHA Scientific Sessions!

Are you attending the AHA Scientific Sessions in California? If so, be sure to stop by and support your fellow ASPC members as they present or moderate during the meeting. We’ve included a list of presentations below as a cheat sheet!

Day 1 – Saturday, November 11, 2017

Negotiating Your First and Next Job
Discussant Lead: Martha Gulati, MD, FASPC
1:00 PM

Laennec Young Clinician Award Competition
Moderator & Committee Chair: Amit Khera, MD, FASPC
3:45 – 5:00 PM

Day 2 – Saturday, November 12, 2017

Updates to How I Manage Hyperlipidemia in 2017
Presenter: Pam Morris, MD, FASPC
8:00 AM

Lipid Modifying Therapies | Abstract Poster Session
Poster Professor: Pam Morris, MD, FASPC
3:15 – 4:30 PM

Multifaceted Strategies to Reduce Atherosclerotic Burden in the Real World
Moderator: Martha Gulati, MD, FASPC
5:30 PM | 210 D (Main Building)

Day 3 – Saturday, November 13, 2017

The Astronaut Cardiovascular Health and Risk Modification (Astro-CHARM) Integrated Coronary Calcium Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator: Development and Validation Using Four Population-Based Cohorts
Presenter: Amit Khera, MD, FASPC
10:45 – 10:55 AM | 212AB (Main Building)

ACC Hypertension Guidelines Release
ACC Spokesperson: Pam Morris, MD, FASPC; Minnow Walsh

Increasing Physical Activity Using an Automated mHealth Intervention
Presenter: Seth Martin, MD, FASPC
3:45 PM

Racing Toward the Finish Line of Life – Too Much Exercise May Be Bad for Your Heart
Moderator: Martha Gulati, MD, FASPC
3:45 PM | 213 A (Main Building)

The “Special” Population: Preventing Heart Disease in Women
Moderator: Martha Gulati, MD, FASPC
5:30 PM | 213 A (Main Building)

Cardiac Risk Factors in Women: Adjusting our History and Physical Examinations in Young Women
Presenter: Martha Gulati, MD, FASPC
5:45 PM | 213 A (Main Building)

Day 4 – Saturday, November 14, 2017

Does What Matters to the Clinician Matter to the Patient?
Presenter: Amit Khera, MD, FASPC
4:04 – 4:11 PM | Main Event I (Hall D, Main Building)

Case: On the Fence in Primary Prevention and No Where To Go?
Presenter: Martha Gulati, MD, FASPC
4:11 PM

Information Overload- How to Communicate this to the Patient
Presenter: Amit Khera, MD, FASPC
4:37 – 5:00 PM